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Wanderlust (The Soundtrack)

Joi Cardwell

One of dance music's most respected vocalists returns to the dance floor with her first release in two years. This latest album lets fans know Joi Cardwell is back and as strong as ever with yet another collection of timeless club classics. Wanderlust (The Soundtrack) opens with the surging LP mix of "Change The World," and Cardwell's distinctively soulful voice out stands front and center in the mix. These triumphant opening strains give way to Kenny Dope's deep house remix of Cardwell's recent club hit "People Make The World Go Round," with the album's title track rounding out the stellar opening portion of this album. Cardwell exposes her versatility by exploring the sultry R&B side of the dance floor, especially on the Isley Brothers-influenced "Color Of Love." The breezy melodies of "What's Freedom" contrast with the heavy Euro influence of Cardwell's other club hit, "Come Together," and it stands apart from the rest of the collection, highlighting the diversity in her sound. There are also a few nice ballads tucked in-between the club bangers that mark the back half of Wanderlust, proving once again why Cardwell is one of dance music's elite singer-songwriters.

(By Sean-Michael Yoder, LimeWire Store)

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