Rapoon review on Limewire

Dark Rivers


Ex-Zoviet France member and legendary ambient composer Robin Storey returns with his latest album produced under his Rapoon moniker. Heavy on the dark, gothic influences (especially on songs like "Old God And Freezing Rain"), it is easy to see how Storey has been a major influence on groups like Skinny Puppy. However, Rapoon is best at creating layer upon layer of sounds and placing one atop another until dense patchworks of ambient patterns and off-kilter percussion are fused into a cohesive work. In that respect, Dark Rivers strays little from Rapoon's less-is-more ethos, though it does lack some of the lusher elements found in some of his previous work, as Storey works in more of a more skeletal, industrial mode. But, as always, the results are both artistically fulfilling and emotionally intense.

(By Sean-Michael Yoder, LimeWire Store)

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