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Raiding The Vaults

Rae & Christian

The legendary Manchester hip-hop/downtempo duo Rae & Christian reunite for their first album since 2002's Nocturnal Activity: Sleepwalking Remixed. On Raiding The Vaults Mark Rae and Steve Christian do exactly that, remixing and reworking their biggest hits into contemporary jams. This isn't as easy as it might seem, considering how many remix albums fail by adding just a few bells and whistles to the same old package. However, Rae & Christian are no ordinary combo, and here the two radically reinvent their tracks into fresh creations that stand on their own. To signify the return of DJ Steve Christian to the fold after a long hiatus, the album is rounded out with instrumental versions of all the new creations on Raiding The Vaults, perhaps as a subtle reminder to all of the DJs out there that Rae & Christian still hold court as kings on the wheels of steel. Kudos on their return!

(By Sean-Michael Yoder, LimeWire Store)

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