March Singles Round-Up

Max Cavalerra- The Bigger, The Better EP (Broque) (GER)
Key track: In Memory Of Violette
Not everything on this EP really worked for me but what did was "In Memory Of Violette". I love this track, the melodies are so refreshingly wonderful. Full support on this one.

Intrusion feat Paul St. Hilare – Little Angel/A Night To Remember (Intrusion/Echospace [Detroit]) (US)
Key track(s): Little Angel, A Night To Remember
Hard to argue with this track it's so pretty and well made, the original is more of headphone rocker than a dancefloor cut but "A Night To Remember" mines the same territory as Brandon Moeller and I like that and will definitely play out.

Rift-Bottom Breathing EP (Thoughtless Music) (US)
Key Track(s): Ruoho Ruotsi Reshape, Forever Is Happening Now
Solid tribal deepness from the consistent Rift. Opener is abstract and trippy while still being warm and dreamy, perfect set opener. The best here is the "Ruoho Ruotsi Reshape", I can't even begin to describe how yummy this dubby slice of deep tech house is and how well it sits at the end of an end of the night set. Full support on this one.

Sleazy McQueen/Rob Slac-BroadWay Flow EP Chillin Music (US)
Key Track(s): Rob Slac-Far East Flow (Sasse Rmx), Sleazy McQueen-Trains Over Broadway
Three first rate mixes, highly unusual in the digital age. Dave Pezzner turns in a solid remix but too funky and not enough late nite to get the full nod. However the Sleazy McQueen original meets all of those criteria and then some. Sasse's remix of the Rob Slac track is pretty Euro'd out but never loses it's dark house soul. Stunning!

Kelli Hand-Silent Answer EP (Acacia) (US)
Key Track: Are You Dreaming?
Excellent collection of deep house music that straddles the line btwn being part of the nu retro movement and just good old fashion soulful tech house. None stands out above any other, although I probably like the deep and dreamy filters used on "Are You Dreaming" best.

Soul Collector - Everybody Get Up (Fatal Music) (NETH)
Key Track: Touch Me (Original Mix)
Bangin 3AM tribal house, hard to get tired of that old school Hammond stab on this one.

Beef Wellington-Magnetic (Eighth Dimension) (US)
Key track(s): Sleazy McQueen Dub, Ryan Kick Remix
As much as the soulful hip-hop strains that form the anchor of this track exude quality I just wasn't feeling it. Ryan Kick's remix is a winner turning the track into an exquisite coked-out disco journey while Sleazy McQueen (who is this guy???) delivers some emotional late night house devastation that is unequalled. Wow!

Lopazz-Credit Card Receipt (Get Physical) (GER)
Key Track(s): V-Point, The Fix remix
What a great release, a perfect example of the German electro tech house funk that's hard to put a finger on but so utterly enjoyable. "The Fix Remix" is tasty but "V-Point" just happens to be everything I want in a track so it's hard to notice anything else.

Salvatore Freda & Volta - Western Spaghetti (Freerange) (UK)
Key Track: Patatas Madras (Orig)
I love the sitar breakdown in this one, just the most lush and gorgeous late nighter I’ve heard in a while.

The Parallel-Galactix EP (Static) (IRL?)
Key Track: Underwater, Galactix
I thought "City Lights" was just a little too UR for my needs but the other two cuts are just dynamite in terms of deep techno. Nice Detroit feeling on this one.

Symbio-The Gasps & Fissures Parade (no label) (US)
Key track: Original
A very good debut track, surprisingly unmediocre actually which is rare for a trial run in production. The sounds on this track are interesting and fresh, an anomaly these days. The way the off-kilter percussion has a delayed roll during each of the accents give this track an instant hook. The rest is all deep house w a more sinister bassline than expected. It works rather than seeming out of place.

Bioniq-Artwork EP (DialTone) (MEX)
Key Track: Mothafunky
There's some nice house funk and proggy melodies on this one-not unusual for the busy DialTone imprint who seem to thrive on this combo of sounds release after release. This one is a little more hit or miss than previous outting from the label but "Mothafunky" is deep and luscious and a great example of how to use rising arpeggios properly and not turn things into a trance crapfest.

Chris Fortier - Losing Wait Remixes (Fade) (US)
Key tracks: Jamie Stevens Slow Diet Rmx, John Selway Lightwave Version One
A very nice set of remixes from an older Chris Fortier solo cut here on his Fade imprint. Fortier always has a knack for choosing the best remixers out there and this single is no exception. Jamie Stevens gives us some pretty straight forward peak hour house with a great set of sounds that keep shifting to make things interesting. The legendary John Selway shows up for two mixes-I prefer the first one with its eerie outer space melodies. Great single.

Lee Van Dowski-The Variable Man (Leena/Mobilee) (GER)
Key track: Thomas Cole Lives
Nothing particularly astounding about either of these tracks. They are simply utilitarian get-the-job kinda cuts but the sounds are so good and Mobilee does house so well that the point is moot. Hard to get upset with tracks that do what's written on the tin as so few these days can even manage that simple task. Very solid release.

Kerosene-The Transporter (Force Inc.) (GER)
Key track: Lars Sommerfeld Rmx
Kerosene does some of his best work thus far for Force Inc- although the original is just a little too menacing-even for me. I do appreciate the jarring sounds and the trademark bassline amped to 11 a lot though. Dinamoe and Jammin Unit both turn in solid dance floor mixes but Lars Sommerfeld's remix is ace. The dubby, lowdown late night deliciousness I am certain will encourage some wild late night hijinx on the dancefloor. Well done!

Crazy Larry-Gargiulo's Scarf (A Pawn Shop Memoir) (Fade) (US)
Key track: Soul Clap's Nice n Ripe Rub, Tanner Ross Rmx
Big fan of Soul Clap's productions, always dark and housy but with some serious techno attitude and no different here. Tanner Ross' mix takes FOREVER to get started but when it does there's more zips and pings in the remix than a bag full of pop rocks poppin in my mouth. Solid release.

Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela-Tia Anita EP (Andes Music) (CHILE)
Key track: Felipe Venegas Rmx
Full support on this track. Has three solid mixes including the original but the Felipe Venegas remix is the one I will be pushing to publications and charting.

Bronnt Industries Kapital-Objects & Purpose (Get Physical) (GER)
Key Track: Lopazz Rmx
Get Physical's Lopazz continues to grow on me like a nasty staph infection. His recent single for GP was as good as it gets and here he saves a pretty ordinary Eighties influenced track from the trash pile with a beautiful remix that reminded a lot of James Holden's work. Full support on this one.

Itokim-No One Else EP (Nice & Nasty) (IRL)
Key track: Between Visible & Invisible
“Between Visible & Invisible” has the perfect amount of melancholia in its decidedly techno melodies. Exactly the kind of late night house I am looking for to send the dancefloor to the astral plane.

Genetikal Twins-Historia EP (DialTone) (MEX)
Key track: Ebano
"Ebano" is everything that the DialTone label is all about. Inspiring late night/sunrise tech house for the kinds of people who really love this music. I can't believe these guys put out so many releases and they are all so damn good.

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