Mobilee Records Release Mix Application For the iPhone

Mobilee Records is excited to announce the release of their new iPhone application, Mobilee Touch Mix, which allows fans to mix, DJ, and perform releases from the label on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can preview the application here:

Utilizing the multi-touch features of the iPhone and iPod Touch, Mobilee Touch Mix is a new and innovative way for individuals to interact with the music they enjoy that extends far beyond the traditional realm of fan-artist interactions by giving fans control of their favorite tracks—including the ability to remix their favorite tracks.

Ralf Kollmann, head of mobilee records states, “As an electronic music label, we are dedicated to embracing new technology; it is, after all, at the core of the music we release. With the arrival and surging popularity of the iPhone, we became intriguted in the opportunities the platform presented for innovative new ways to present our music to our fans. In electronic music, the pre-mixed DJ CD and podcast are popular ways to present fans of your label with new music. With the development of Mobilee Touch Mix we can now give electronic music lovers the additional opportunity to interact with and perform our music, in new ways not possible with the traditional music file.”

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Touch Mix Mobilee Edition from Touch Mix on Vimeo.

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