April 2009 singles round-up

Abe Duque-Tonight Is Your Answer (Process)(US)
Tonight Is Your Answer (Vocal Version)
The whole EP is great but the I find this, oddly enough, inspirational. Great house tune, with some twisted late night sh*t all up in the melodies, Gotta love it!

Exercise One feat Argentis Brito-No News Today (Mobilee)(Germany)
Deadbeat Rmx
Memorable vocal, great track, pumpin house music that’s deep and dreamy. Hooray for Exercise One!

Djuma Soundsystem-Bipolar (dOP Morning Mix)(Rebirth)(Italy)
dOP Morning Mix
Definitely chartable, moody and beautiful with some druggy ass late night lyrics-just like I like it!

Francisco Allendes & Felipe Venegas-Espiritu (Kling Klong)(Germany)
Alexi Delano Rmx
The vocals en espanol sends shivers up my spine. Delano is always dependable for something interesting and new.

Someone Else-Sunny Day In Smallville (Foundsound)(US)
Excellent and memorable track with a good vocal hook, interesting percussion and trippy little noises going on. Very much like this one.

Drumcell & Audio Injection-Cell Injection (Droid)(US)
Excellent techno w right balance of music and industrial noise.

Coalition Of The Killing-Surrealestate EP(Nightlight Music)(US)
Odd Daze
Deep and meaningful proggy house. The wide array of sounds define it tho. These guys are good.

Sante-White (Souvenir)(Germany)
Deep soulful house w some funk here on this b-side, but I think I like the vocal snippets more on than the one on the A-side . Solid release.

Martin Woerner-Full Tilt (Paso)(?)
Great low-key chuggin house music that does what it's supposed to.

Rone-La Dame Blanche (INFine Music)(France)
Belleville (Clara Moto & Tyler Pope Rmx)
Deep, haunting, and lucious. A remix you fall in love to.

One Of Them-11.11AM EP 1 (Fade)(US)
1st of 1st
Masterfully done, top shelf!

Tim Susa-Desire & Regress EP (Broque)(Germany)
Ute Mach (Waste Of Time)
Deep, nice melody. Great deep space vibe here.

J. Rogers-Meditation Point (Blipswitch Digital)(US)
Alland Byallo Nighlight Mix
Definitely chartable, great sounds-VERY musical. Nice one from Byallo.

Various-Primaveral Pt. 3 EP (Auralism)(US)
Franklin DeCosta-Matters
Deep, dubby, and delicious. Nice sense of melody.

Mad Flavour-Eja EP (DialTone)(Mexico)
Dark and dreamy late night techno, excellent track.

DKMA Presents Andrastea-On Ya Andrastea (Plastic City)(Germany)
Honest to god tech house w real funk in it. Can’t believe I picked this up as a free download.

DJ Lennon-Latencias EP (DialTone)(Mexico)
Huge Warm
Builds nicely, great track for earlier in the night.

Mike Monday-What Canto Is It? (OM)(US)
Nice reworking of this classic, love the vocals on this one!

Mark Trophy & Oliver Lang-Northern Hustle (Leaders Of The New School)(UK)
Nick Bridges Rmx
Love the sax and bassline on this track, extremely funky!

Replika-Even Further (Chillin Music)(US)
Cali-fueled wobbled basslines and deep house, what a treat!

Adam K & Soha-Questions EP (Toolroom Trax)(UK)
Choose Your Weapon (Long Range)
"Choose Your Weapon" is beautiful darkness. Really feeling the long version.

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