"Digital Bliss Vol. 2" all female electronic compilation out 7/7/09

Digital Bliss Productions out of Oakland, California and Boutique Electronique Records, based in Nevada, have come together once again to produce and release volume two in their Digital Bliss series. Designed to celebrate and promote global female electronic artists Digital Bliss Vol. 2 is an exotic complexion of haunting melodies, creative loops, and lush digital production, sporting many poetically charged vocal journeys through electronic landscapes. Look for the release to hit digital retailers starting July 7, 2009. For more information please visit www.digitalblissproductions.com.

Both Digital Bliss compilation CDs are the brainchildren of Bay Area-based electronic music producer and event promoter Lynda Arnold aka Divasonic, and music producer, Boutique Electronique Records label owner, Celeste Lear. Arnold explains, “The complications are designed to celebrate and promote some of our favorite talented female artists who have proven themselves to be forerunners in the field through their hard work, tenacity, ingenuity and artistic visions.” Digital Bliss successfully exposes this carefully handpicked team of independent female electronic musicians, producers and vocalists from all genres of electronic music and expose them to a broader audience.

A strong and stirring compilation, Digital Bliss Vol. 2, features artists from San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, Toronto, and Cologne. The diverse mix of talent on this compilation features the emotion-stirring words and worlds of trip hop and downtempo high priestesses Costanza, Divasonic, Celeste Lear, and Micropixie. The electro/pop visions of Madeline Puckett and Phauna. The stunning, otherworldly psychedelic and ambient work of Artemis, cellist Rena Jones and Pixelfrog. And the dancy, edgy and saucy programming of Salme Dahlstom, Auradrone and Weather Pending. Fulfilling the prophecy that the beats shall inherit the earth...

A portion of Digital Bliss Vol. 2 music sales and event funds will benefit NextAid, a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization committed to developing and implementing innovative solutions to the challenges facing African children. NextAid collaborates with individuals, businesses and nonprofits to produce creative, culturally rich, awareness-raising projects and music events involving technology, the arts, public education projects, and volunteer opportunities. For more information please visit http://www.nextaid.org

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