The Spring seemed to last forever this year and here are the 25 albums that accompanied her

Things often change and this year represented a wild change seasonally with freak snow storms in May and late season rains that lasted well into June. Summer is now finally here but the long, cool days and green fields and hills alive with wildflowers served as a refreshing reprieve from the usual dry, crushing heat and brown death...

James Holden really proved himself on the latest installment of DJ-Kicks and the Black Dog also returned in fine form with an ambient album for the ages. Dubstep artist Nate Mars finally got his album out as did J. Rogers - both on San Francisco's Blipswitch Digital. NEU!'s boxset has been on constantly play and new Irish duo Twinkranes nearly match the legendary German duo note-for-note. The wife and I got our dance on to all of the recent Fabric compilations, the Duke Dumont's mix being the deepest and dopest of the three. Arandel, K-X-P and Paul Schulleri blew our minds by getting way out and wiggy crazy with new styles and forms. Booka Shade did what they do best on More! as did Wally Lopez and Diskjokke, no surprises there. Kode9 underwhelmed and Six Degrees' Undersea Poem tickled my fancy. Rounding things out was a mystery disk given to me by a young DJ from SF named Mozo at a party back in April at the Compound featuring Lima├žon and Noah Pred which turned out to be the one I keep listening to the most. It's always a strange journey....

1. James Holden-DJ-Kicks (K7)
2. The Duke Dumont-Fabriclive 51 (Fabric)
3. The Black Dog-Music For Real Airports (Soma)
4. Arandel-In D (InFine)
5. Optimo (Espacio)-Fabric 52 (Fabric)
6. Nate Mars-Concentric Circle (Blipswitch Digital)
7. Matthias Schaffhaeuser - Re:3/Selected Remixes Vol. 3 (Ware)
8. NEU!-NEU! '86 (Groenland)
9. Twinkranes-Spektrumtheatresnakes (Twisted Nerve)
10. Booka Shade-More! (Get Physical)
11. Paul Schulleri - Strich & Faden (Subtrak)
12. James Teej-Evening Harvest (Rekids)
13. K-X-P - S/T? (Smalltown Supersound)
14. One Of Them - Audio Tour 3 (Fade)
15. Surgeon-Fabric 53 (Fabric)
16. J. Rogers-Access (Blipswitch Digital)
17. Wally Lopez- GU DJ 03 2xCD (Global Underground)
18. Mozo - One Night Stand (DJ mix)
19. Undersea Poem - S/T (Six Degrees)
20. Various - Afro-Rock Vol. 1 (Strut)
21. Diskjokke-En Fid Tid (Smalltown Supersound)
22. NEU! -NEU! '72 (Groenland)
23. Rafter-Animal Feelings (Asthmatic Kitty)
24. Brad Senne -Aerial Views (?)
25. Kode9-DJ Kicks (K7)

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