Summer, we hardly knew ya...

Summer never really raised its ugly head this year in California, what few hot days that have come along happened late in the season and, in the case of this week, outside of the season. As such, camping, swimming, and other outdoor activities (like drinking to excess) dominated most of my activities for the height of the season. I caught a few things wholeheartedly here and there like Hatikvah, Jimmy Edgar, Tame Impala, the Black Keys, the Pomegranates compilation, and Sascha Dive. The rest came and went in blur as they generally do in the world of underground music so I did my best to capture a snapshot of the seasonal playlist we enjoyed on our many, many trips, vacations, and sojourns.

1. Hatikvah - Synchronicity (Soma)
2. Various - Audiomatique History Part 1 (Audiomatique)
3. Jimmy Edgar - XXX (!K7)
4. Tame Impala - Innerspeaker (Modular)
5. DJ Hell - Body Language Vol. 9 (Get Physical)
6. Various - Thoughtless Times v. 5 (Thoughtless Music)
7. Sebastian Mullaert -Wa Wu We 2x CD (Mule Electronic)
8. Sascha Dive - Restless Nights (Deep Vibes)
9. Mathew Jonson - Agents Of Time (Wagon Repair)
10. Seph - Alquimia (Dumb-Unit)
11. Various - Finders Keepers Presents Pomegranates (B-Music)
12. Various - Fifteen For Fifteen (Ovum)
13. The Souljazz Orchestra - Rising Sun (Strut)
14. Shlomi Aber - Chicago Days, Detroit Nights (Ovum)
15. John Digweed - Structures 3xCD (Bedrock)
16. Brackles - Songs For Endless Cities (!K7)
17. Various - Horse Meat Disco II (Strut)
18. Various - 10 Years CLR (CLR)
19. ARP - The Soft Voice (Smalltown Supersound)
20. Tony Lionni - As One (Freerange)
21. Spoek Mathambo - Mshini Wam (BBE)
22. dOP-Greatest Hits (Circus Company)
23. El-P-Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 (Gold Dust)
24. Drivan - Disko (Smalltown Supersound)
25. Black Keys - Brothers (Nonesuch)

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Selekta said...

i'm still waitin on whether or not Mr. Sascha Dive is actually going to come through with licensing my acapella that he STOLE for one of his 'original trax' on that album of his...'Summer Madness' is right! ha! original mix my ass! just spoutin my .02...great choices though on the rest of em!