COTK vs Eutactic review on LimeWire

Three of the burgeoning San Francisco techno scene's heaviest hitters join forces on this four-track EP for the mighty Auralism label. The opening cut "Aww Naw" is a collaboration between the duo Coalition of the Killing (Marc Smith and Jason Short) and mad scientist Kenneth Scott (under his Eutactic guise), and it packs all the wallop of fine German techno set to a groovy and distinctive San Francisco house beat. The results are enticing. Coalition of the Killing take point on the EP's second track &emdash; the appropriately titled "Attack of the Elephant Army" &emdash; where a dark, menacing techno beat is propelled by the signature sound sculpture that is raising the recognition level of this up-and-coming pair. The trio come together again for the haunting "Haven't Gotten So Far," with its ring-modulated Moog wail recalling Wendy Carlos' soundtrack work for the '70s television show In Search Of…. It's the kind of hedonistic late-night house that keeps the parties in Ibiza lasting well into the next day. A Leonard Nimoy sample punctuates the Eutactic offering "Science, Hi-Fi, Wine, Women, and Song." This track is a study in contacting space aliens via telepathic musical communications and defies the conventional boundaries typically used to classify techno singles.

(By Sean-Michael Yoder, LimeWire Store)

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